Peterborough Towing Who are we?

Person needs roadside assistance with towing Peterborough Waiting for tow truck

Our Mission

I started my towing company when I was just out of high school. I had been working in the industry for a couple of years, and I realized that there was a real opportunity to start my own business. I had the knowledge and the experience, and I knew that I could provide a quality service.


The key to my success has been my commitment to customer service. I make sure that every customer is happy with the service that they receive, and I always go the extra mile to ensure that they are satisfied. I also work hard to keep my prices competitive, so that I can offer the best value possible.


I’m proud of what the company has achieved, and I know that we will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come. Thanks for considering us for your towing needs!


Peterborough towing company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of tow truck services to the Peterborough community and its surrounding areas. We are committed to offering our customers the most reliable and professional tow truck services possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible tow truck experience, and we will always work hard to ensure that they are satisfied with our services. We look forward to serving the Peterborough community for many years to come. Thank you for choosing Peterborough towing company!




Talk to us

Thank you for choosing Peterborough Towing Company! We understand that when you need our services, it is of the utmost importance to get them done as soon and efficiently. That’s why we pledge a quick response time whether by phone or email; no matter how your vehicle gets towed/hauled (or both!), I’ll be there ASAP with expert care on hand just waiting until all things are taken cared-of properly so please don’t hesitate contacting us if ever needs arises because at this point anything can happen–and maybe even sooner than expected!